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Author Credit is given on a simple basis. We credit the person who sends the mod in, and says "I wrote this" if you see your work here, and its credited to someone else contact us first then we can research it. Please remember more than one person can make the same mod.
Title, Username, & Date Last Post Replies
Pet stats not displaying
Forum: DarqUIdaffyduck2k
Today 11:09 AM
by daffyduck2k
Cant move chat boxes
Forum: DarqUIkelisw
07-17-2024 02:00 PM
by Darqwood
Origins Group window cure
Forum: DarqUInoseui
07-15-2024 02:07 PM
by oskoss
Crashing bug
Forum: DarqUIReptoid
07-13-2024 05:14 PM
by Darqwood
Crafting window on Anashti Sul
Forum: DarqUITaknir
07-13-2024 05:11 PM
by Darqwood
[Added] [Map] Vaashkaani: Royal Halls
Forum: EQ2MAP New mapsAerras
07-10-2024 08:25 PM
by Aerras
[Live] Update Notes: March 26, 2024
Apr 01, 2024 - 12:00 PM - by Offical Forums
All EverQuest II servers will be taken offline for scheduled server downtime on Tuesday, March 26, 2024 at approximately 7:00a.m. PST*. Estimated downtime for is expected to be 2 hours.

*Convert to your local time

0 Replies | 6,368 Views
[Live] Update Notes: March 26, 2024
Mar 25, 2024 - 7:10 PM - by Offical Forums
  • Chrono missions within Crystalline Breaks will now complete when Echolis has been defeated.
  • The journal entries for "Prove Your Skill" no longer mention Duffin or Duggin.
Masquerades of Divinity
  • Contested spawned Avatars will no longer drop Minted Masquerade Tokens as looted rewards.
  • Contested Avatar personal achievements will now award a Minted Masquerade Token as a reward for each respective defeated Avatar achievement.
  • Instanced Avatars will now drop additional Minted Masquerade Tokens as looted rewards.
  • General
    • Rotbeaks in Darklight Wood and Vulriches in The Commonlands are no longer being affected by the spell of an amusement-seeking illusionist who had chosen the appearance of a pink cube to confuse one and all.
  • Chrono Dungeons
    • Mercenaries should no longer prevent entry to Chrono Dungeons.

0 Replies | 3,841 Views
[Live] Update Notes: March 12, 2024
Mar 11, 2024 - 7:41 PM - by Offical Forums
  • Mystic
    • Glacial Strike will now correctly stack with other Mystics' Glacial Strike.
    • Plagueish Strike will now correctly stack with other Mystics' Plagueish Strike.
  • The names of the following recipes have been corrected:
    • Inspired Critical Plume of Darkpaw
    • Inspired Striking Plume of Darkpaw
    • Inspired Robust Plume of Darkpaw
  • Erollisi Marr's Bow of the Hunt [Rank I] corrected to be usable by Channelers.
  • Elements of Destruction: Planes of Disorder - Adventurers who left "Vegarlson: Ruins of Rathe" during their battle with Lady Najena should no longer find themselves being teleported to seemingly random locations while in other zones.
  • Year of Darkpaw Avatars will drop previous season Hunter's coins when defeated.
  • Encounter levels have been reduced for the Camping the AC! Public Quest.
  • Plume recipe books from the Chronoweave merchant have been renamed due to duplicating the names from last year's recipe books:
    • "Plumes of Inspired Jubilation" on live servers is now "Inspired Darkpaw Plumes".
    • "Basic Plumes for All" on TLE servers is now named "Darkpaw Plumes for All".

  • Emperor's Athenaeum
    • Drago will no longer stop fighting and working the crowd after killing pets.
  • Vaashkaani: Golden Rule [Solo]
    • Completing Heroic Opportunities either through detrimental or beneficial abilities against any of the The Storm Mistress' lightning anchors will remove the damage reduction buff, Bolted, from all of them.

0 Replies | 5,012 Views
[Live] Update Notes: March 11, 2024
Mar 11, 2024 - 3:52 PM - by Offical Forums

Masquerades of Divinity Avatars
  • During the Bertoxxulous encounter, the “Blood Plague” and “Mind Plague” curses should now properly format the message telling the raid that they were successfully countered.
  • Corrected an issue that prevented players from seeing certain objects while engaged with Bertoxxulous.
  • Bubonian adds summoned during the Bertoxxulous encounter can no longer be targeted unless engaged with Bertoxxulous.
  • During the Erollisi Marr encounter, the “Two Hearts Divided” curse should no longer be able to target players not engaged with the Avatar.
Zimara Breadth: Crested Expanse [Raid]
  • Chohnkasaurus should no longer summon his Rolling Malformation adds unless being engaged alone or if in challenge mode, the spell “Nightmarish Gluttony” has been removed to increase difficulty.
There is no downtime associated with this update.

0 Replies | 3,802 Views
[Live] Update Notes: March 1, 2024
Mar 01, 2024 - 1:12 PM - by Offical Forums
  • The questgiver for the March Year of Darkpaw harvesting quest achievement is located near the Darkpaw Celebrator merchant in North Qeynos and East Freeport.

0 Replies | 3,555 Views
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[Live] Update Notes - February 27th, 2024
02-26-2024 08:20 PM
02-26-2024 08:20 PM
by Offical Forums
0 6,371
[Live] Update Notes - February 14th, 2024
02-14-2024 08:30 PM
02-14-2024 08:30 PM
by Offical Forums
0 6,887
[Live] Update Notes - February 13, 2024
02-12-2024 08:22 PM
02-12-2024 08:22 PM
by Offical Forums
0 7,439
[Live] Update Notes - February 8, 2024
02-08-2024 05:30 PM
02-08-2024 05:30 PM
by Offical Forums
0 7,501
[Live] Update Notes - February 1, 2024
02-01-2024 03:23 PM
02-01-2024 03:23 PM
by Offical Forums
0 7,585
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