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Name: Harvesing Info   Popular!
Date: 04-01-2024 12:45 PM
Size: 15.82 Kb
Version: 1.0.1
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Size: 142.30 Kb
Dimensions: 714 x 469
Main view, BoZ tier selected
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Zone and node tooltip
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Find uses the browser
This is a custom window that consolidates the harvesting levels, materials, zones, node names, and skills into one window. One goal was a fairly compact window that still has all the information. The zone and node names are shown in a tooltip when you hover the mouse over the material's icon. The UI includes a "Find" function in case, for example, you need some cobalt and don't remember where it comes from.

Since it is a custom window, you need to enter a command to display it. The command is:
/show_window Custom.HarvestingInfo
You can put this command in a macro.

  • Version 1.0.1 - Includes up through Ballads of Zimara.

Since there are differing examples of "tier" number in other sources, I've just picked a method based on the level of the materials gathered, which was the approach used by the game for the first 9 levels. The Tier number in the UI was determined by:
Int(((low_end_of_the_item_range) / 10) + 1)
So the first tier = (0/10) + 1 = Tier 1.
AoM = (96/10) + 1 = 10.6, drop the fraction = Tier 10.
Maybe this whole approach will turn out to be even more confusing in the future with more 5 level expansions expected, and we should just use something else starting at about Tier 10.

The shadowed harvests on the moon (tab "T12_Staff") are just arbitrarily split between the "Common" and "Rare" columns since they have long names, are all flagged as "rare", and the den materials won't fit in one column.

Minimum rare skill at T12 is probably correct (tested as best I could figure out). Those nodes themselves tell lies.

I believe skill requirements in general are correct (but are easily fixed if not), even though some of these might disagree with other sources.

I did not include the Great Divide harvests that are only available if you are on a quest.

I really wanted an in-game "find" capability. But I also want ease of maintenance. Due to limited capabilities in the UI, I ended up using the browser. The browser implementation is also a bit quirky. You pretty much have to use the mouse for everything other than typing the search word(s). (For example, the "Searching For:" box doesn't recognize the <Delete> or arrow keys, I suspect because the game itself captures a lot of keys.) But the basic find function works (implemented in the .html file) and should not require any maintenance when adding zones.

And the browser has this one weird trick! In the browser, when you press the [Choose File] button and the dialog opens, if you mouse over a game element that contains a tooltip, for example any of the icons in this UI window, the game will set transparent backgrounds for all the tooltips in the game. That's pretty annoying. The only fix seems to be to reload the UI. So, once that file browser dialog is open, keep the mouse inside it and choose the "custom_harvesting_info.xml" file expeditiously.

If you already have a custom UI (even if you're using the Default UI with EQ2MAP, the ...\UI\EQ2MAP folder works):
  1. Unzip the files into your custom UI folder, e.g. "C:\Users\Public\Sony Online Entertainment\Installed Games\EverQuest II\UI\DarqUI_v3". (Yes, my installation is almost old enough to drink.)
  2. Edit the "eq2ui_custom.xml" file in your custom UI folder.
    • If there is no existing file by that name, create one with the following contents:
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
      <Page IgnoreTab="false" ismodule="true" Name="Custom" PackSize="1,1" ScrollExtent="1024,768" Size="1024,768" Visible="false">
    • If there is an existing "eq2ui_custom.xml" use any text editor like Notepad to add the following line near the end of the file above the "</Page> line, and save the file:
  3. (Re)load the UI.
    • You can either restart the game if it's running, or start it if it wasn't running,
    • or use the /loadui command in-game to switch to a different UI (e.g. the Default one) and then back to your preferred UI. Note that this approach tends to rearrange window locations and/or sizes.
  4. Once the UI is reloaded, the "/show_window Custom.HarvestingInfo" command should work.
If you do not already use a custom UI, you'll need to create one. This is described in the FAQ


Since this window will need updates as new harvest areas and materials are released, I tried to make that as easy as I could. But there are still several steps required. What follows is my process in case someone else wants to use it (and to remind my future self how to do it):

  • I used the EQ2UIBuilder for most of the XML editing. Rather than add them to the builder, I used Notepad++ to edit the custom_harvesting_info_template.xml and custom_harvesting_info_sidetab_template.xml. The template files should not need to be changed if just adding a new zone/level tab. I used Notepad++ on some of the zone lists. I used Visual Studio Code on the html file, also not required unless you break the find function by doing some other major changes.
  • Or, you could just use your favorite XML/HTML editor for everything.
  • It's best to edit in a development folder, then copy to the appropriate game UI folder once things are working in the UIBuilder. (e.g. mistakenly leaving out one double quote can cause the rest of the windows in the UI tree to not even load. Ask me how I know.)
  • After opening the "eq2ui.xml" file, the window is found in the UIBuilder tree under the Custom page as HarvestingInfo. To see it in the visualizer, click the right arrow on the tabs line multiple times to scroll such that the "Custom" tab is visible and click that. To see the one you're working on, visibility of the various Custom windows may need to be toggled using the eyeball in the lower section of the tree.

Adding a zone

To summarize the Detailed Steps that follow:
  • Add a line in the ShowTier page so your new page hides when another tab is selected.
  • Add an element to TabDataSource so that a new tab is created for your new page.
  • Add a new page based on the Tier_Skeleton page and add all the harvesting details to it. (This step is the most work.)

Detailed steps:
  • In the UIBuilder tree, select the Custom.HarvestingInfo.ShowTier page. Double click the "OnEnable" in the left column of the bottom section. In the resulting edit window, add another "HideAllListbox.SelectedItemIndex=XX", where XX is the previous last number plus 1. (The new number should be one less than the number of items in the Custom.TierList.SideTabsComposite.TabDataSource list after you edit that in the following steps.) The new line needs to be before the "ShowTier.Press=true" line.
  • In the UIBuilder tree, select the Custom.HarvestingInfo.TierList.Tier_Skeleton. Then use the menu Edit/Duplicate.
  • In the UIBuilder tree, open pages down through Custom.HarvestingInfo.TierList.SideTabsComposite.TabDataSource. Select the bottom entry, currently Tier_14_BoZ. Then use the menu Edit/Duplicate.
  • One of the UIBuilder quirks is that newly inserted items do not show up in the tree at the position they are actually placed in the XML file. So, before editing the new items, save the current file using menu File/Save (or <Ctrl>-s, or the single disk icon). Then re-open the file using menu File/Recent Files and choose your eq2ui.xml. Either answer to the "Would you like to save your workspace" pop-up is OK.
  • Navigate back to Custom.HarvestingInfo.TierList.SideTabsComposite.TabDataSource and select the duplicate entry which is now at the top of the list. Use the blue down arrow at the top of the tree to move it down so that it is the last item. While it is selected, change the information for the new tab in the bottom section of the tree window. The "Name" field cannot have spaces. There is a <TAB> (and some some spaces in the lower tiers) between the name and the (lvl-lvl) to separate them in the UI.
  • Navigate back to Custom.HarvestingInfo.TierList and find the new Tier_Skeleton at the top of its sub-pages. Select it and use the blue down arrow to move it down to between the previous last tier and the old Tier_Skeleton. While it's selected, change the "Name" field to match the name you just entered in the TabDataSource in the previous step. Wouldn't hurt to do another File/Save at this point.
  • All of the zone, material, and node data is in the MatsDataSource under your new re-named Skeleton. Click on den for example and in the lower section of the UIBuilder enter the data about materials gathered from dens.
  • The icons are obtained from game image files in the ...\images\icons folder(s). The template assumes the first part of the file name is "icon_" and you provide the characters after the underline. If you change (or add) icons, you'll need the rest of the DDS file name and source rectangle within that file. Each icon file is an array of 36 icons. Each icon is 42x42 pixels. The upper left icon (row 0, column 0) is is rectangle 0,0,41,41. To get the next icon to the right (row 0, column 1) would be rectangle 42,0,83,41. etc.
  • The zone and node names are in the tooltip, named "tip" in the data section. There are some oddities with tooltips:
    • UIBuilder does not seem to show tooltips for a template. You'll only see the tooltips in-game.
    • I used <TAB> to separate the zone name and the node name.
    • Double-click the "tip" in the left column in UIBuilder to open an edit window.
    • To insert a tab in this window, use <Ctrl>-<TAB>.
    • The tabs in that edit window are set to 8 spaces. But when the tooltip is displayed in-game, the tabs are set to about 12 spaces. So what you see in the edit window is not how it shows in-game.
    • The options to get a nicely arranged tooltip seem to be:
      • Trial and error swapping between UIBuilder and in-game.
      • You can get close in Notepad++ with tabs set to 12 (Settings/Preferences, Language, Default, Tab Size: 12) then copy/pasting into the UIBuilder edit window. But depending on each word's proportional font spacing, lines with zone names that are around a multiple of 12 characters long might still be displayed differently in Notepad++ than they are in-game (and another version of differently in the UIBuilder edit window). When required, you can typically add a space in Notepad++ and get a matching in-game display. For example "Wracklands:" is 11 characters. To make the game display "Wracklands:<TAB>rockhopper den" the way the Notepad++ does, add a space in Notepad++ after the colon to make 12 characters before the <TAB>.
  • Update the version number in Custom.HarvestingInfo.WindowFrame.Version.Text.
  • If you want your new tier to be the one shown when the window is first opened in-game (you probably do), save the file while your new tier is the one selected in the visualizer while it's "running".

Testing in UIBuilder

Set the Custom.HarvestingInfo window visible in the tree and in the visualizer window scroll to the Custom tab. Press the green "run" arrow and the window should function (except for tooltips and the [Find] button). To see the icons, you'll need to press the "refresh" button (right next to the green "run" arrow) on each page that needs a different icon. Make sure your new data is correct and that your tab is hidden when you select a different tab (if not, the "HideAllListbox.SelectedItemIndex=XX" from the fist step is not correct).

Testing In-Game

Copy the "custom_harvesting_info.xml" from your development folder to your active UI folder and reload the UI (either restart the game, or /loadui to switch away from your active UI and back again). Especially check the tooltips, as the tab alignment cannot be checked in the UIBuilder.

You shouldn't need to update the template files or the html file, unless you made bigger changes than just adding a zone.
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