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Unread 09-13-2006, 09:42 AM
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Thumbs Up Inventory Slots and Commands

Slot Name    Use Command            Unequip Slot Command   Uequip Name Command
primary      /use_equipped_item 0   /inventory unequip 0   /unequip primary
secondary    /use_equipped_item 1   /inventory unequip 1   /unequip secondary
head         /use_equipped_item 2   /inventory unequip 2   /unequip head
chest        /use_equipped_item 3   /inventory unequip 3   /unequip chest
shoulders    /use_equipped_item 4   /inventory unequip 4   /unequip shoulders
forearms     /use_equipped_item 5   /inventory unequip 5   /unequip forearms
hands        /use_equipped_item 6   /inventory unequip 6   /unequip hands
legs         /use_equipped_item 7   /inventory unequip 7   /unequip legs
feet         /use_equipped_item 8   /inventory unequip 8   /unequip feet
left_ring    /use_equipped_item 9   /inventory unequip 9   /unequip left_ring
right_ring   /use_equipped_item 10  /inventory unequip 10  /unequip right_ring
ears         /use_equipped_item 11  /inventory unequip 11  /unequip ears
ears2        /use_equipped_item 12  /inventory unequip 12  /unequip ears2 ??
neck         /use_equipped_item 13  /inventory unequip 13  /unequip neck
left_wrist   /use_equipped_item 14  /inventory unequip 14  /unequip left_wrist
right_wrist  /use_equipped_item 15  /inventory unequip 15  /unequip right_wrist
ranged       /use_equipped_item 16  /inventory unequip 16  /unequip ranged
ammo         /use_equipped_item 17  /inventory unequip 17  /unequip ammo
waist        /use_equipped_item 18  /inventory unequip 18  /unequip waist
cloak        /use_equipped_item 19  /inventory unequip 19  /unequip cloak
activate1    /use_equipped_item 20  /inventory unequip 20  /unequip activate1
activate2    /use_equipped_item 21  /inventory unequip 21  /unequip activate2
food         /use_equipped_item 22  /inventory unequip 22  /unequip food
drink        /use_equipped_item 23  /inventory unequip 23  /unequip drink
Note: Old slots were renumbered to accomodate new items (ears2) in slots 12 and (cloak) 19.

When implementing use commands for food and drink via script, be sure NOT to double the command as this can result in double-dipping on all but the first click.

Object       Slot Name
Left Bag     InvSlot0
Bag 1        InvSlot1
Bag 2        InvSlot2
Bag 3        InvSlot3
Bag 4        InvSlot4
Right Bag    InvSlot5
Overflow     InvSlot6

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Unread 06-18-2013, 02:52 AM
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0-39 = Inventory
40-43 = Coins
44-47 = Ammo
48 = Cursor
49-56 = Equipment
57-59 = Vanity

Player.inventory = 0-48
Player.armor = 49-59

Know that because I've recently written a smarter SSI check.......
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