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Unread 01-23-2023, 08:40 PM
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Default [Live] Update Notes - January 24, 2023

  • Shaman
    • Corrected an issue with Immunities that prevented arcane damage from being reduced properly.
  • Crusader
    • Aura of Leadership will now replenish every 20 seconds instead of every 6 seconds.
  • Conjuror
    • Corrected a bug that prevented Fiery Magician VII and above from properly displaying on the pet window.
  • Added /summon_movingcrate which will summon the house moving crate to your current position.
  • Corrected a bug that caused the Monkey Business effect to not fully initialized after zoning or logging out.
  • The system on Renewal of Ro mission crates that prevents duplicate common reward drops has been updated and will now reward an item without restriction if you already possess all of the common items from the crate.
  • The Matron's Heart is no longer an Artifact.
  • The following items are now rare drops from Mistress Zhvari, Nizari'zhi:
    • Flawless Mithril Links of the Mistress
    • Zhivari's Helm of Prayer
    • Tanaan Woven Soles of Ritual
  • New Crit Bonus Overcap rewards have been added to [Heroic III] zone bosses. As with other items of their type, they do not replace existing rare drops and do not share tables or drop chances with existing items.
  • The following items have had their icons updated:
    • Expedient Custodian Pouch
    • Blightswarm Slicer
    • Formidable Custodian Blade
    • Expedient Custodian Wraps
    • Preferred Seeker Knuckles
    • Implacable Seeker Knuckles
    • Enlivened Cleaver of the Windblown Badlands
    • Enlivened Wraps of the Skyward Plateau
    • Enraptured Cleaver of the Boundless Gulf
  • The following items have had their appearances updated:
    • Implacable Trickster Greatblade
    • Preferred Custodian Greatblade
    • Effluvient Seeker Greatblade
    • Formidable Custodian Greatblade
  • The following item has had its icon and appearance updated:
    • Effluvient Custodian Greatblade
  • Items dropped by the Mutagenic Outcast in The Bonemire have been updated.
  • The Qeynos Claymore Timeline rewards have been made more powerful:
    • Marr's Fist
    • Qeynos Claymore
    • Qeynos Cutlass
    • Qeynos Guard
    • Qeynos Kilij
    • Qeynos Longbow
    • The Arm of Erollisi
    • The Arm of Mithaniel
  • A number of weapons found in Renewal of Ro content have had their damage type corrected to crushing, piercing, or slashing.
  • Many items previously flagged to broadcast to the server when obtained will no longer do so.
  • Heart Shaped Egg - Unhatched eggs now give some direction as to how to encourage it to develop.
  • Vaaca the Renewed - Some typos in her hiring dialogue have been corrected.
  • The crafted Death March III (Journeyman) now properly upgrades Death March III instead of upgrading Death March II
  • Corrected an issue that could cause the user interface applying addons to display names incorrectly.
  • Buried Takish'Hiz: Terrene Threshold [Heroic II]
    • Stuns should be more effective against The Haunting of Tualanan's Evoke Agony.
    • Fixed a bug that could cause the Terratha twins encounter to break.
  • Buried Takish'Hiz: Terrene Threshold [Heroic III]
    • Fixed a bug that could cause the Terratha twins encounter to break.
    • Updated the duration of Bulwark of Order granted by Bedrock of Order.
  • Buried Takish'Hiz: Foundation of Knowledge [Heroic III]
    • The four Elddar Rudiment pillars surrounding Sanum Ordast will retain their descriptions upon leaving and re-entering the zone.
    • The Delving Departed's Eldritch Method has a separate fear detriment, but only on initial application, not with each increment change.
  • Ward of Chaos Elements
    • Cursemuck's Slippery Defense can now be removed, allowing it to be damaged.
  • Shard of Love: A Moment of Valor - Mithaniel Marr will now see the error of his ways even if he is defeated very swiftly.
  • Renewal of Ro heroic boss abilities that previously set health to 1 will instead set health to 1% through spell damage.
  • The discovery location for "The Merchant's Den" is now spelled correctly.
  • Most Renewal of Ro non-named raid encounters now have the chance to drop locked parcels.

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