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Category: Map windowVanGurK Map Icons {EQ2Map compatible}
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Name: VanGurK Map Icons {EQ2Map compatible}   Popular!
Date: 01-24-2009 08:23 AM
Size: 113.08 Kb
Version: 1.02
Rate Addon: 5 out of 5 with 5 votes  
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Size: 84.95 Kb
Dimensions: 694 x 770
Icons in action using EQ2Map
This is the map icons used in the user interface skin VanGurK created by gurkoz based on the theme of the game Vanguard Saga of Heroes.

  • New Map icons
  • EQ2Map Support


v1.02 - Swapped EQ2Map quest icons.
This should better reflect on quest update icons.

v1.01 - Re-sized the EQ2Map icons giving better visibility.
This should provide a better view of the already crowded maps.

v1.00 - Initial release.


Unzip the contents of this file to your Everquest 2 folder. This will create the folder "VanGurK_MapIcons" in your UI folder and place a file called eq2.ini in your Everquest 2 root path.

Please note, if you already are using another UI skin, your existing eq2.ini file will be replaced.

If you need to edit your existing eq2.ini file be, sure to set these following lines.

cl_ui_skinname VanGurK_MapIcons
cl_ui_subdir UI/
There is also an internal command to load UI's in-game using "/loadui" but the results are sometimes strange and incomplete. It is not really the best way and not recommended by anyone.


To uninstall the icons just delete the VanGurK_MapIcons folder. Also delete the eq2.ini file in your Everquest 2 folder. Or revert back to your previous eq2.ini file and setup.


To merge these icons with your current enabled UI just unzip the folder named "images" to your existing UI path replacing all files. Please note, this could get unwanted results so please be careful. Knowing what files to replace is the best way to go.


These icons consists only of image files and should be fully compatible with future versions and other mods.


These are the icons from my Vanguard inspired ui skin called VanGurK. Please feel free to check out the full skin.


These icons are distributed 'as is'. I am not responsible for any damage or modification these icons does to your hardware or software, if you play Everquest 2 you ought to be tough enough to pick up the pieces yourself and to take full responsibility for your own actions.

GurkoZ is not responsible for any harm or psychological affects, loss of vision, fatigue or general irresponsibility from playing with these new icons. The icons are 100% safe and tested, so you should have no trouble with them. But if you do, please don't blame me too much.

The VanGurK Map Icons are freeware and can be distributed freely as long as the zip and it's content is not modified. If your looking to include these icons in your mod or a collection, please contact me first. Or at least leave me some kind of credit.

I am doing this just for kicks and to honor a great game like Everquest 2!
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01-13-2009 03:36 PM
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Last Modified: 01-25-2009 07:42 AM by gurkoz    

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Unread 12-15-2011, 02:40 AM  
A Young Mystail Rat

Server: Unkown
Forum posts: 6
File comments: 8
Uploads: 0
I really like the icons they help me out because I'm colorblind and the yellow arrow for where i'm at shows up better for me.

One question though...is there a way you can make it so that the markers flash for the locations i need to go to for the current quests I'm doing? Like if I have a quest checked in my quest log in my current zone, it would flash like it does for the available quests.

I don't know if that's possible but it would be a super big help rather than trying to search through all the locations trying to figure out which one is what I need.

Lucifer66 is offline Report comment to moderator   Reply With Quote Reply With Quote
Unread 04-11-2009, 10:58 AM  
A Brown Bear

Server: Lucan DLere
Forum posts: 9
File comments: 8
Uploads: 0
Thank you.

Great mod and thank you!!! It's so nice to have clear icons that actually look great too!

Best regards. :P

Belnor Veltracian
Lucan DLere
Belnor is offline Report comment to moderator   Reply With Quote Reply With Quote
Unread 02-15-2009, 10:07 AM  
A Young Mystail Rat

Server: Antonia Bayle
Forum posts: 3
File comments: 1
Uploads: 0
Unhappy Pale yellow arrow

These icons are absolutely fantastic. Good colors, easy to see and all that other good stuff that all you folks do. Just ONE little itty bitty thing . . .The yellow arrow is exteremely hard to see. Any color but yellow would be better. Mebbe a bright lime green, orange, red . .anything, I believe, but yellow, would be easier to find on the pale background of the map. Its taken a while to get used to that new map, but I do luv it after all. Keep up all the great work ya'll do. I have a full interface of UI's & I LUV em all.


Chance favors the prepared mind.

Tamarack is offline Report comment to moderator   Reply With Quote Reply With Quote
Unread 01-13-2009, 05:18 PM  
A Griffon
Drumstix42's Avatar
Featured Artist

Server: Antonia Bayle
Forum posts: 3287
File comments: 591
Uploads: 44
Thanks fore releasing these icons as a stand-alone modification.
Drumstix42 is offline Report comment to moderator   Reply With Quote Reply With Quote
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