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Unread 08-25-2010, 12:23 PM  
A Griffon
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Post Re: Sweet!

sengelso66: A way to open the browser from the XP bar is a good idea, and I do have some other plans to make the XP bar more useful so there will most likely be an update, but not right away. This update needs to settle in a bit before I spring any more changes.

Accredo: Since I started modding the Raid window I've been wanting to find the time and patience to work the default basic/advanced raid modes into the way the button sets work. I'm always looking for better ways to mesh the customizations quietly into the default interface, but the raid layouts pretty much clobber Rothgar's show/hide for cures. I doubt there will be many raiders wanting to hide the detrimentals, but this definitely is an extra "project" I want to tackle. I think it would answer your request exactly.

The same basic idea applies to the Group window, although I did try out your suggestion on mode 4 this morning. The only thing stopping you from hiding the cures in mode 4 is the minimum height of the window. I reduced it to 50 and it doesn't look bad, even with pet health bars. If you want to try it out, search for MinimumSize=258,76 in the group window (it only occurs once) and change the 76 to 50. My only warning is that you'll have to stretch the window taller to see the options panel, which is why I can't officially support a super-slim horizontal mode like this.

2) The target's target health bar option doesn't actually remove the TT area, it only removes the colored health indicator behind the TT name. This is for players who feel there's "one too many" progress bars in the window. For a tank the colored health bar is great because it makes it very obvious when you lose aggro, and if your offtank gets aggro you can monitor his health at a glance and judge when to rescue it off if he's going down. If you are not a tank and you never catch aggro, I guess I can see not needing it, although the same issue applies here as with the group window -- the options panels get cut off if you slim down the window too much.

3) You absolutely can mix and match the icons and background colors however you wish on all buttons. The spell suggestions will always put the right icon/background combination on the button, but you are free to experiment especially on custom macro command buttons. You can make your own autofollow button, an AFK button -- just about anything you can do in-game you can make a button for. And don't forget that you are not limited to the spell suggestions from the utility. If you want to use a spell that's not on the menu, just type it in and choose an icon and background for it.

Thank you both for your comments. I'm glad you're having fun with the windows.

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Unread 08-24-2010, 09:38 PM  
A Dragoon Sith

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You did a great job with Darq. I have 3 questions. I love the mouse-over of raid members where the pop shows directly over the raid member.

- Would it be possible to add 7th grp/raid layout that does not display the detrimental and cure buttons? But rather just a plain vanilla envelop showing only the grp/raid members but maintain the mouse over spell casting windows? This would be a great option for those of us who don't cure but can throw temp buffs, mana flow, time warp, intercepts etc who don't need all of the other spell boxes taking up room we don't need. The closest one you currently have available is option #4 (I prefer the horizontal) but is still a bit to busy for a non-curing character. Would a simple and advanced layout be something you could add?

-I tried to disable the TT health window but it doesn't disappear. Having the option to just show the Char health & detrimentals would be a nice option to choose.

-In the icon selection: Can any of those icons be used for other spells other than what they represent? I.e select spell, select icon? Or are the icons hardwired to the spells?

Aside from the above your UI rocks! Easy to install, easy to configure and best of all can be saved per character and BACKED UP! SAA..WEET!

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Unread 08-24-2010, 06:13 PM  
A Forest Scavenger

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UI Version 2.0

Damn nice job Darq!!!

One request/suggestion. On the bottom bar could you make the green ball dual purpose and have it say open the browser?

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