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Unread 05-08-2010, 01:11 PM
Girard Girard is offline
A Coastal Crab
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Default Mysic Spell list upto lvl 90 (plz update soon.)

I just downloaded your UI (switched from profit). I love it but can't live without my click to heal and cure buttons plz update soon.

Ancestral Avatar
Ancestral Avatar II
Ancestral Avatar III
Ancestral Avatar IV
Ancestral Balm
Ancestral Balm II
Ancestral Balm III
Ancestral Mettle
Ancestral Mettle II
Ancestral Mettle III
Ancestral Mettle IV
Ancestral Mettle V
Ancestral Mettle VI
Ancestral Savior
Ancestral Savior II
Ancestral Savior III
Ancestral Savior IV
Ancestral Savior V
Ancestral Sentry
Ancestral Sentry II
Ancestral Ward
Ancestral Ward II
Ancestral Ward III
Ancestral Ward IV
Ancestral Ward V
Ancestral Ward VI
Ancestral Ward VII
Ancestral Ward VIII
Cure Curse
Deteriorate II
Deteriorate III
Deteriorate IV
Deteriorate V
Deteriorate VI
Deteriorate VII
Ebbing Spirit
Ebbing Spirit II
Ebbing Spirit III
Echoes of the Ancients
Echoes of the Ancients II
Echoes of the Ancients III
Echoes of the Ancients IV
Echoes of the Ancients V
Echoes of the Ancients VI
Fields of the Grey
Form of the Builder
Form of the Great Stag
Glacial Flames
Glacial Flames II
Glacial Flames III
Glacial Flames IV
Glacial Flames V
Glacial Flames VI
Glacial Strike
Haero's Aura of Awareness
Haze II
Haze III
H cont.
Haze IV
Haze V
Haze VI
Lamenting Soul
Lamenting Soul II
Lamenting Soul III
Lethargy II
Lethargy III
Lunar Attendant
Lunar Attendant II
Lunar Attendant III
Lunar Attendant IV
Oberon II
Oberon III
Oberon IV
Path of the Grey
Plague II
Plague III
Plague IV
Plague V
Plague VI
Plague VII
Plague VIII
Premonition II
Premonition III
Premonition IV
Premonition V
Premonition VI
Premonition VII
Prophetic Ward
Prophetic Ward II
Prophetic Ward III
Prophetic Ward IV
Prophetic Ward V
Recall of the Grey
Rejuvenation II
Rejuvenation III
Rejuvenation IV
Rejuvenation V
Rejuvenation VI
Rejuvenation VII
Rejuvenation VIII
Rejuvenation IX
Ritual Healing
Ritual Healing II
Ritual Healing III
Ritual Healing IV
Ritual Healing V
Ritual Healing VI
Ritual Healing VII
RItual Healing VIII
Runic Armor
Runic Armor II
Runic Armor III
Runic Armor IV
Runic Armor V
Runic Armor VI
Runic Armor VII
Slithering Form of the Serpent
Slothful Spirit
Slothful Spirit II
Slothful Spirit III
Spirit of the Mammoth
Spirit of the Mammoth II
Spirit of the Mammoth III
Spirit of the Mammoth IV
Spirit of the Mammoth V
Spirit of the Mammoth VI
Spirits II
Spirits III
Spirits IV
Spirits V
Spirits VI
Spirits VII
Talisman of the Spiritist
Torpor II
Torpor III
Transcendence II
Transcendence III
Transcendence IV
Transcendence V
Transcendence VI
Transcendence VII
Udor's Spirit of the Hawk
Umbral Trap
Umbral Warding II
Umbral Warding III
Umbral Warding IV
Umbral Warding V
Umbral Warding VI
Umbral Warding VII
Ursine Avatar
Ursine Avatar II
Ursine Avatar III
Ursine Avatar IV
Ursine Avatar V
Ursine Avatar VI
Velium Winds
Velium Winds II
Velium Winds III
Velium Winds IV
Velium Winds V
Velium Winds VI
Velium Winds VII
Velium Winds VIII
Wards of the Eidolon
Water Spirit
Wrath of the Ancients
Wrath of the Ancients II
Wrath of the Ancients III
Wrath of the Ancients IV
Wrath of the Ancients V
=== Shaman AA ===
Ancestral Authority
Ancestral Spirits
Aura of Haste
Aura of Warding
Blighter's Intelligence
Block Harm
Chieftain's Agility
Dazing Bash
Herbal Expertise
Leg Bite
Prophet's Strength
Ritual of Alacrity
Ritual of Magic
Ritual of Mind
Ritualist's Wisdom
Spiritual Foresight
Summon Spirit Companion
Tribal Rage
Witchdoctor's Stamina
Ancestral CHanneling
=== Mystic AA ===
Feverish Strike
Glacial Strike
Immunity Arcane
Immunity Elemental
Immunity Noxious
Immunity Trauma
Spirit Dance
Weapon Mastery
Stampede of the Herd
=== TSO AA ===
Supplication of the Fallen
Ancient Pedigree
Ravenous Protector
Ritual of Protection
=== SF AA ===
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