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Unread 06-11-2010, 10:28 AM
Starzr Starzr is offline
A Young Mystail Rat
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Default Defiler spells

Abhorrent Seal
Abhorrent Seal II
Abhorrent Seal III
Abhorrent Seal IV
Abomination II
Abomination III
Abomination IV
Abomination V
Abomination VI
Abomination VII
Absolute Corruption
Absolute Corruption II
Absolute Corruption III
Absolute Corruption IV
Absolute Corruption V
Ancestral Avenger
Ancestral Avenger II
Ancestral Avenger III
Ancestral Avenger IV
Ancestral Avenger V
Ancient Shroud
Ancient Shroud II
Ancient Shroud III
Ancient Shroud IV
Ancient Shroud V
Ancient Shroud VI
Ancient Shroud VII
Ancient Terror
Ancient Terror II
Ancient Terror III
Ancient Terror IV
Ancient Terror V
Ancient Terror VI
Atrophy II
Atrophy III
Atrophy IV
Atrophy V
Atrophy VI
Bane of Warding
Bane of Warding II
Bane of Warding III
Bane of Warding IV
Bane of Warding V
Bane of Warding VI
Carrion Warding
Carrion Warding II
Carrion Warding III
Carrion Warding IV
Carrion Warding V
Carrion Warding VI
Carrion Warding VII
Crystallize Soul
Crystallize Soul II
Crystallize Soul III
Crystallize Soul IV
Crystallize Soul V
Cure Curse
Deathward II
Defile II
Defile III
Dire Balm
Dire Balm II
Dire Balm III
Dire Balm IV
Dire Balm V
Dire Balm VI
Dire Balm VII
Dire Balm VIII
Dire Balm IX
Forced Cannibalize
Form of the Spirit Hawk
Fuliginous Whip
Fuliginous Whip II
Fuliginous Whip III
Fuliginous Whip IV
Fuliginous Whip V
Fuliginous Whip VI
Harbinger (Spell)
Harbinger II
Harbinger III
Harbinger IV
Harbinger V
Harbinger VI
Harbinger VII
Imprecate II
Imprecate III
Imprecate IV
Imprecate V
Imprecate VI
Imprecate VII
Imprecate VIII
Invective II
Invective III
Invective IV
Juka's Smoldering Essence
Maelstrom II
Maelstrom III
Maelstrom IV
Mail of Souls
Mail of Souls II
Mail of Souls III
Noxious Efflux
Noxious Efflux II
Noxious Efflux III
Noxious Efflux IV
Noxious Efflux V
Noxious Efflux VI
Putrefy II
Putrefy III
Putrefy IV
Putrefy V
Putrefy VI
Putrefy VII
Putrefy VIII
Sacrificial Restoration
Sacrificial Restoration II
Sacrificial Restoration III
Sacrificial Restoration IV
Sacrificial Restoration V
Sacrificial Restoration VI
Sacrificial Restoration VII
Sacrificial Restoration VIII
Shroud of Armor
Shroud of Armor II
Shroud of Armor III
Shroud of Armor IV
Shroud of Armor V
Shroud of Armor VI
Shroud of Armor VII
Sinister Countenance
Sinister Countenance II
Sinister Countenance III
Sinister Countenance IV
Sinister Countenance V
Sinister Countenance VI
Soul Cannibalize
Soul Cannibalize II
Soul Cannibalize III
Spiritual Circle
Spiritual Circle II
Spiritual Circle III
Tendrils of Horror
Tendrils of Horror II
Tendrils of Horror III
Terror Chant
Terror Chant II
Terror Chant III
Terror Chant IV
Terror Chant V
Terror Chant VI
Terror Chant VII
Tribal Spirit
Turgur's Instant Relief
Turgur's Spirit Sight
Umbral Trap
Vehemence II
Vehemence III
Vehemence IV
Vehemence V
Vehemence VI
Voice of the Ancestors
Voice of the Ancestors II
Voice of the Ancestors III
Wild Accretion
Wild Accretion II
Wild Accretion III
Wild Accretion IV
Wild Accretion V
Wild Accretion VI
Wild Accretion VII
Wunshi's Foul Sickening
Yoppa's Rodent Form
=== Shaman AA ===
Ancestral Authority
Ancestral Spirits
Aura of Haste
Aura of Warding
Blighter's Intelligence
Block Harm
Chieftain's Agility
Dazing Bash
Herbal Expertise
Leg Bite
Prophet's Strength
Ritual of Alacrity
Ritual of Magic
Ritual of Mind
Ritualist's Wisdom
Spiritual Foresight
Summon Spirit Companion
Tribal Rage
Witchdoctor's Stamina
=== Defier AA ===
Soul Ward
=== TSO AA ===
Supplication of the Fallen
Ancient Pedigree
Spiritual Ally
Warding Spirit
=== SF AA ===
Ancestral Channeling
Malicious Spirits
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Unread 06-11-2010, 03:14 PM
Landiin Landiin is offline
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Ok I'll try to get a update out with all these new spells added but honestly the state the game is in ATM, the lack of communication from the dev team and what not I am having a hard time motivating my self to do any thing for it.
Landiin's EQ2MAP Updater Discussion Download
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Unread 08-07-2010, 05:09 AM
Dechau's Avatar
Dechau Dechau is offline
A Griffon
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I know you said you where maybe leaving the game, just wanted to know if you got theese spells in an update ??

I've started to play my little Defiler, and I'm missing the quick raid buttons

Thanks in advance
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