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Originally Posted by N1Md4 View Post
i would prefer to add this community UI as an advanced UI and keep the default UI as the basic / beginner UI like in many Tools (software) there are often basic settings and advanced settings. The player can decide wich fits his need best. Or if possible doit like the Con-System, switchable?! GroupWindow with C2C and without. On a Raid i prefer C2C, on a casual Group i don't really need C2C or at soloing.

At the beginning of the Game there are several hints displayed, maybe display a hint to switch UI if the player reaches a level? (30/40?)

I also vote for the fourth "keyboard-hotbar"!

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I agree. I gave this some thought last night, and there are lots of resources that we will want to use from the Default UI, namely all of the icon textures. The client already falls back onto the Default if a file is missing from another UI folder. So we'll want this new UI to work just like the other third-party UI's so we can exclude files like the icons and they'll still be found by the client.
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