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[quote=Wulfgyr]Ok, not sure where you had this happen.... as far as I know, it should be compatible with most other mods, as long as it's not a complete interface. The times I've asked if people were using other mods, was to see if I'd have to get a copy of that piece as well, to ensure there were no conflicts.

I tried putting in a Journal mod and a recipe mod. The recipe mod said to add some lines to the eq2ui_mainhud.xml file, which I know how to do as I have done it with my Fetish Nightfall. But your UI does not have this file, so I think that is why it crashed on me with that mod. I took it out though and the UI continued to crash EQ2 with the Journal mod in.
See I like to have Heritage Quest info available to me with in the game, so I don't have to alt-tab out to access say Ogamings database. This I find is handy for helping fellow players out when they have questions about a given quest and need help. The other nice thing to have is Tier harvest info. I know a lot of people probably just memorize the stuff, but I don't. Call me lazy.
At first glance when I loaded into game with your UI I thought, where the heck is my XP bar? LOL I then noticed it was on the orb you made. Nice work btw.

I know that with your continued efforts, this UI will shine.
Please don't let me deter you from continuing to work on this UI. I think there can never be enough UI's out there, as everyone likes different things and game setups.

Take care and safe adventures to you and yours.

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