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Great stuff! I also had some ideas instore for the emotes, just haven't had the time to get into the project. I wish I could just sit and play all the time! LoL!

That's a neat little way you got it to work by creating the button.
That is basically the way the StartMenu works, They use a button template, such as yours.

On interesting thing about the StartMenu is that the window sizes according to the number of data objects, which is a pretty nice feature. It doesn't actually use a listbox, or dropdown, but basically creates a list of buttons, using the button template.

I'm sure you also noticed using UI Builder, you can easily sort your list of data items. you can just move items up and down the tree, and it moves them in the list!

Ahh.. pour old emotes is going to get basted! LOL! I needs it badly, I knew when I made it that it would not be long until we figured a better way to do that. This is going to be an incredible tool, thanks for the post Zonx!
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