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Originally Posted by Darqwood View Post
What happened in-game when you did this? Try it again and type /loadui in the chat window, then choose the correct folder name from the list. If there is no folder listed for EQ2MAP then type /loadui <name of copied folder>.

That's the thing, the maps were working fine in game and had all the poi's and the game was accessing the right directory, just the updater didn't work at all, so I couldn't get map updates for anything new. I'd double click to launch the map updater and it would literally do nothing, as if I hadn't clicked on anything at all.

I got it working again only because EQ2 itself suddenly kept crashing after clicking start from the launher. I tried everything to get the game fixed. Unltimately it came down to manually deleting all the EQ2, EverQuest2, Daybreak, Sony Online Entertainment, and SOE files on the computer, removing them from the add/remove programs list because they weren't there anymore and then reinstalling everything. So it's working again now, but still have no idea why it stopped.
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