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Originally Posted by raveneye_pl View Post
Thanks for the reply!

I do not remember picking anything at all aside from the color scheme. Could you please point me in the right direction where to either find the proper xml file (so I can manually copy it into my UI folder) OR explain where I can set the option to use the default maintained window?

In the ProfitUI app, check for updates and then scroll down to Maintained. Right-click the gear next to that and make sure the first choice is checked. It most likely is, since you have never chosen any variants. I just loaded up ProfitUI in this configuration and the maintained icons are scrolling for me with the mouse wheel.

If you want to get rid of the modded version and go back to default window, first click the checkbox in the "Skip" column for Maintained so you won't accidentally download the mod in the future. Then on the Files tab click Open in File Explorer, then find and delete (or rename) eq2ui_mainhud_maintained.xml.
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