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Originally Posted by raveneye_pl View Post
I recently switched to CE and am looking for a way to scroll through the maintained spells window. Scroll similar to the 'classic' ProfitUI, where I could scroll my "static" buffs up (out of view/display range) and thus have room to show all the dynamic ones that appear and disappear during combat.

Am I missing something and not seeing how this works in CE? Or is this feature not available (yet).

Thanks in advance.

If you choose the first variant for the Maintained window on the updater, Left aligned (default), you should get mouse wheel scrolling. All the other variants were designed as non-standard volumes as opposed to composites, and I don't think mouse wheel scrolling is possible with them.

Also remember you can use spell filtering (bottom of the options tab on the character window) to right-click and hide your static spell icons from the spell effects window. If a spell effect has a maintained icon it will also get hidden.
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