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Default Item Examine Shows Every Adornment?

Hello again

It's been a while since I've played EQ2 but I'm thinking of picking this up again. I still have my old UI that I modified from before but it doesn't seem quite right anymore. I'm sure something has changed recently but maybe you folks could help me figure out what it is without spending hours researching.

When I examine an item that has the option for an adornment, it appears to have every adornment slot on it. Here is an image example:

I'm doubtful that all these items I've been encountering have every adornment slot available on them, although it's not unthinkable without how much they change the game.

Any ideas on how to fix this? I think maybe adjusting the size of the examine window to be larger would be a start but I'm not certain how to do that. I think all I did in the past was adjust some of the font sizes through the templates and some of the hotkey button sizes so it didn't appear so small at higher resolutions.

Thanks again for any help.
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