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llsommerll 03-07-2021 07:19 PM

Idea for an EQ2 Broker Window Quality of Life update
Broker UI Suggestion- Add New Game Stats to the Special Broker List.

Not sure if anyone is still updating Profit CE but several stats have been introduced into EQ2 that are missing from the Broker search window such as Ability Double Cast , Fervor and Resolve.

Ability Double Cast and Fervor could be added to the "Special" drop down list on the Broker Window that allows you to pick which stat you want to search for.

Searching for items in a Resolve min/max range would be very helpful but would take more work.
For example: Last expansion items are on the broker but they have resolve of 165 to 215. I want to search for a current expac item with 245 Resolve but have to hover over every single thing in the list on multiple pages.

Having 2 small windows that let you enter min and max resolve much like min and max item level would make searching for things much easier.

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