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Interface Information
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Name: Recipes Filter   Popular!
Date: 01-10-2012 07:00 AM
Size: 6.25 Kb
Version: 1.1
Rate Addon: 5 out of 5 with 1 votes  
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4.96 Kb
01-17-2012 06:10 PM
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Size: 17.18 Kb
Dimensions: 200 x 250
A complete, updated (GU62) version of the discontinued filter originally posted by 'DoragonMama'

Version 1.1 (in the patch section,copy/replace with older one) :
-Deleted 2 obsolete entries i had neglected to previously remove.
-Adorning and Tinkering now list all entries, changed how they are classified.
-Added profession-specific adornment recipes.

[do please post any ammendments/additions you may think of]
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5 out of 5 with 1 votes
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Unread 06-13-2012, 12:03 PM  
A Mist Grinnin
Suziekew's Avatar

Server: Everfrost
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Here's the new T10 recipe list. Please note the misspelling on one of the provisioner's recipes is correct.

Regular recipes, insert after "T9"

name = "T10"

filterItems =
name = "RecipeBook"
selected =
"Grandmaster Armorer's Basic Compendium, Volume I"
"Grandmaster Armorer's Basic Compendium, Volume II"
"Grandmaster Alchemist's Basic Compendium, Volume I"
"Grandmaster Alchemist's Basic Compendium, Volume II"
"Grandmaster Carpenter's Basic Compendium, Volume I"
"Grandmaster Carpenter's Basic Compendium, Volume II"
"Grandmaster Jeweler's Basic Compendium, Volume I"
"Grandmaster Jeweler's Basic Compendium, Volume II"
"Grandmaster Provisoner's Basic Compendium, Volume I"
"Grandmaster Provisioner's Basic Compendium, Volume II"
"Grandmaster Provisioner's Advanced Compendium, Volume I"
"Grandmaster Provisioner's Advanced Compendium, Volume II"
"Grandmaster Sage's Basic Compendium, Volume I"
"Grandmaster Sage's Basic Compendium, Volume II"
"Grandmaster Tailor's Basic Compendium, Volume I"
"Grandmaster Tailor's Basic Compendium, Volume II"
"Grandmaster Weaponsmith's Basic Compendium, Volume I"
"Grandmaster Weaponsmith's Basic Compendium, Volume II"
"Grandmaster Woodworker's Basic Compendium, Volume I"
"Grandmaster Woodworker's Basic Compendium, Volume II"


After "T9 Rare"

name = "T10 Rare"

filterItems =
name = "RecipeBook"
selected =
"Grandmaster Armorer's Advanced Compendium, Volume I"
"Grandmaster Armorer's Advanced Compendium, Volume II"
"Grandmaster Alchemist's Advanced Compendium, Volume I"
"Grandmaster Alchemist's Advanced Compendium, Volume II"
"Grandmaster Carpenter's Advanced Compendium, Volume I"
"Grandmaster Carpenter's Advanced Compendium, Volume II"
"Grandmaster Jeweler's Advanced Compendium, Volume I"
"Grandmaster Jeweler's Advanced Compendium, Volume II"
"Grandmaster Sage's Advanced Compendium, Volume I"
"Grandmaster Sage's Advanced Compendium, Volume II"
"Grandmaster Tailor's Advanced Compendium, Volume I"
"Grandmaster Tailor's Advanced Compendium, Volume II"
"Grandmaster Weaponsmith's Advanced Compendium, Volume I"
"Grandmaster Weaponsmith's Advanced Compendium, Volume II"
"Grandmaster Woodworker's Advanced Compendium, Volume I"
"Grandmaster Woodworker's Advanced Compendium, Volume II"

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Unread 02-03-2012, 09:55 AM  
A Young Mystail Rat

Server: Oasis
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what part of the ui do i put this in the main ui ?
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Unread 01-30-2012, 10:55 PM  
A Coastal Crab
Interface Author - Click to view interfaces

Server: Unkown
Forum posts: 1
File comments: 5
Uploads: 2
Thank you very much for this Suzie, much appreciated
Will re-upload it once able to with your filter included [work..qq]
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Unread 01-18-2012, 12:28 AM  
A Mist Grinnin
Suziekew's Avatar

Server: Everfrost
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Researched Recipes

I don't know how many folk are doing the researching but here's the complete list, as compiled from my crafters' choices menus. I have all the crafts, so this should be pretty accurate.

name = "Researched Recipes"

filterItems =
name = "RecipeBook"
selected =
"Ancient Knowledge: Ambrosial Cake"
"Ancient Knowledge: Ambrosial Coffee"
"Ancient Knowledge: Ambrosial Fruit"
"Ancient Knowledge: Ambrosial Mead"
"Ancient Knowledge: Ambrosial Pie"
"Ancient Knowledge: Ambrosial Steak"
"Ancient Knowledge: Ambrosial Tea"
"Ancient Knowledge: Ambrosial Wine"
"Ancient Knowledge: Fortified Girdle of the Mountain"
"Ancient Knowledge: Lucid Sash of Impulse"
"Ancient Knowledge: Oiled Waistband of Discipline"
"Ancient Knowledge: Radiant Cincture of Revelations"
"Ancient Knowledge: Greater Essence of Acid"
"Ancient Knowledge: Greater Essence of Electricity"
"Ancient Knowledge: Greater Essence of Fire"
"Ancient Knowledge: Greater Essence of Ice"
"Ancient Knowledge: Greater Essence of Illusion"
"Ancient Knowledge: Greater Essence of Nature"
"Ancient Knowledge: Greater Essence of Pestilence"
"Ancient Knowledge: Greater Essence of Radiance"
"Ancient Knowledge: Greater Essence of Runes"
"Ancient Knowledge: Greater Essence of Shadow"
"Ancient Knowledge: Glorified Bracers of Revelations"
"Ancient Knowledge: Glorified Tunic of Revelations"
"Ancient Knowledge: Reinforced Bracers of the Mountain"
"Ancient Knowledge: Reinforced Gi of the Mountain"
"Ancient Knowledge: Tranquil Bands of Impulse"
"Ancient Knowledge: Tranquil Robe of Impulse"
"Ancient Knowledge: Calamatous Pouch of the Mountain"
"Ancient Knowledge: Ominous Wand of Impulse"
"Ancient Knowledge: Destructive Longbow of the Mountain"
"Ancient Knowledge: Toxic Bow of Discipline"
"Ancient Knowledge: Dire Wand of Revelations"
"Ancient Knowledge: Lucid Stud of Impulse"
"Ancient Knowledge: Oiled Studs of Discipline"
"Ancient Knowledge: Fortified Hoop of the Mountain"
"Ancient Knowledge: Radiant Earring of Revelations"
"Ancient Knowledge: Dire Sledge of Revelations"
"Ancient Knowledge: Calamitous Bo Staff of the Mountain"
"Ancient Knowledge: Calamitous Katar of the Mountain"
"Ancient Knowledge: Destructive Greatsword of the Mountain"
"Ancient Knowledge: Destructive Longsword of the Mountain"
"Ancient Knowledge: Dire Mace of Revelations"
"Ancient Knowledge: Ominous Dagger of Impulse"
"Ancient Knowledge: Ominous Staff of Impulse"
"Ancient Knowledge: Toxic Blade of Discipline"
"Ancient Knowledge: Toxic Dagger of Discipline"
"Ancient Knowledge: Lucid Band of Impulse"
"Ancient Knowledge: Fortified Clutch of the Mountain"
"Ancient Knowledge: Oiled Ring of discipline"
"Ancient Knowledge: Radiant Ring of Revelations"
"Ancient Knowledge: Lucid Bracelet of Impulse"
"Ancient Knowledge: Fortified Shackle of the Mountain"
"Ancient Knowledge: Oiled Bracelet of Discipline"
"Ancient Knowledge: Radiant Bangle of Revelations"
"Ancient Knowledge: Lucid Gemstone of Impulse"
"Ancient Knowledge: Fortified Crag of the Mountain"
"Ancient Knowledge: Oiled Jewel of Discipline"
"Ancient Knowledge: Radiant Stone of Revelations"
"Ancient Knowledge: Devout Breastplate of Revelations"
"Ancient Knowledge: Reverent Coat of Revelations"
"Ancient Knowledge: Devout Bracers of Revelations"
"Ancient Knowledge: Melodic Coat of Discipline"
"Ancient Knowledge: Melodic Wristguard of Discipline"
"Ancient Knowledge: Reverent Wristguard of Revelations"
"Ancient Knowledge: Vanguard Bracers of the Mountain"
"Ancient Knowledge: Vanguard Breastplate of the Mountain"

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