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Name: Tradeskill Recipe Filter   Popular!
Date: 02-20-2016 12:51 PM
Size: 13.71 Kb
Version: 4.1
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Size: 60.33 Kb
Dimensions: 924 x 640
Tradeskill Filters dropdown

I was annoyed because my various predefined filters in the tradeskill window were all scrambled up, so I took the time to carefully restructure the filter file, eq2_recipe_filter.vdl

To install, first rename your existing file to eq2_recipe_filter_backup.vdl - this is a good practice any time you make changes.

Then simply unzip the downloaded file into your EQ2 directory, probably somewhere such as C:\Users\Public\Sony Online Entertainment\Installed Games\EverQuest II

The filters include, in order:
  • Apprentice Equipment (for your tradeskill apprentices)
  • Adornment & Tinkering Writs (from Londiar Inygad at your tradeskill headquarters)
  • Far Seas Mission Recipes (the weekly and group missions from Mara and Isle of Refuge)
  • Shipwrecked (all the items you learn to craft doing the Shipwrecked! Timeline)
  • Thalumbra (everything needed for Thalumbra tradeskill quests)
  • Adornments
  • Primordial Adornments
  • Purple Runes
  • War Runes
  • Green Adorns (updated with new Spirit Stones)
  • Infusers (new gear-boosting items)
  • Holiday: Brewday
  • Holiday: Bristlebane's Perfectly Serious
  • Holiday: Erollisi Gifts
  • Holiday: Frostfell
  • Holiday: Nights of the Dead
  • Holiday: Tinkerfest
  • Tinkering
  • T1 Recipes
  • T2 Recipes
  • T3 Recipes
  • T4 Recipes
  • T5 Recipes
  • T6 Recipes
  • T7 Recipes
  • T8 Recipes
  • T9 Recipes
  • T10 Recipes
  • T11 Recipes
  • T1 Rare
  • T2 Rare
  • T3 Rare
  • T4 Rare
  • T5 Rare
  • T5 Deathfist Armor
  • T6 Rare
  • T7 Rare
  • T8 Rare
  • T8 RoK
  • T8 Void
  • T9 Rare
  • T10 Rare
  • T11 Rare
  • Fighter Grandmasters
  • Mage Grandmasters
  • Priest Grandmasters
  • Scout Grandmasters
  • Assorted Furniture (faction-based artisan-crafted items, for the most part)
  • Agnostic Mastercrafting (10-90) (new)
  • Magmatic Armor (55)
  • TSO (79-79)
  • TSO Daily (crafting faction quests)
  • Emerald Halls Recipes (70)
  • Sentinel's Fate (80-90)
  • DoV (85-95)
  • Drunder (89-90)
  • Draconic Knowledge (90-92)
  • Cobalt Scar (95)
  • ToV (95)
  • Ancient Knowledge (95)
  • Spectral Mastery (95)
  • Crowning Achievements (100)

Any can easily be deleted, renamed, or modified using the standard tools in the Tradeskill window.

EDIT: Version 4.1 - Added the new Brewday recipe book and a couple of missed recipes from the DoV crafting questline

EDIT: Version 4.0 - I've added and corrected spelling on some Far Seas recipes, added the annual updates for Frostfell and Erollisi Day, and added several special categories for crafting in particular zones/levels.

EDIT: Version 3.0 - I've added the recipes from Terror of Thalumbra's tradeskill quests and faction based tradeskill books.

EDIT: Version 2.0 - I've added additional recipes that I'd overlooked, including more Far Seas Mission Recipes and new Holiday Recipes.
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01-29-2016 02:30 PM
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Unread 11-29-2015, 04:38 PM  
A Coastal Crab

Server: Unkown
Forum posts: 0
File comments: 5
Uploads: 0
I just downloaded this and it seems to still have the old file because none of the new recipes are in the download.
Mery is offline Report comment to moderator   Reply With Quote Reply With Quote
Unread 08-23-2015, 10:11 PM  
A Young Mystail Rat

Server: Unrest
Forum posts: 2
File comments: 1
Uploads: 0
Missing 3 from Apprentice List: Lvl 100 items

Recipe: A Sturdy Cadmium Knife
Recipe: A Sturdy Larix Mallet
Recipe: A Sturdy Leonid Basket

Great List though! I really like it!
Orshan is offline Report comment to moderator   Reply With Quote Reply With Quote
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